Create a new email address for your resume please

Social media especially Facebook presents some interesting issues for a recruiter. We could share blog posts and comments all night on the subject. 

One was a CFO who seemed only to have pictures of his trip to Singapore showing publicly. There were a lot of pool parties, he was a real night owl. Clearly worth following as he enjoyed his weekend binge 100%, yet it was also a concern. 


His displays were a little extreme and our researcher felt he would need to know more. The Facebook posts appeared to contradict his passion for golf on Linkedin and Xing. There was not a single picture of him playing golf, not even mini-golf at night! 

So why do we ask you to get a new job hunting email address which is different to that you use for Facebook?

Have you heard of Accompany? You may want to visit this newly re-branded Cisco company. It makes some bold statements and pulls in social media and other information from multiple sources using your email address as the identifier.

It may not be the software your the hiring manager uses, there are 100`s of similar browser add-ons doing the same thing. Rocketbolt is another and we just think you should be careful.

90% of the posts on Facebook are harmless in our opinion, 10% a mix of questionable moments, wishing the picture had not been tagged with me in and a few more.

This is why during the job search phase, you make it less easy to be “auto-discovered” and you may also want to revisit your privacy settings.

Time has an interesting article on showing you which ones to consider and is easy to follow. Click here to view.

You will not be able to hide from the savvy Facebook user, the change to Facebook graph search means certain aspects of your profile and history cannot be hidden.

It is a pain in the **** to be honest but there is little you can do in reality, so having a different email address will help in the short-term.