Hotel Technology

Digital marketing to drive incremental and existing revenues

Completed Project

Digital Marketing Manager

About the job

We are in search of a proven, performance marketer responsible for driving incremental high-quality customer growth for their existing employer through lead generation, customer acquisition and upsell or special offers. 

The client business seeks to build on a stable and well established conference and banqueting solution to bring added value and additional revenues to its clients.

It is a focused area of growth for the client, this role will be responsible for driving lead generation and customer acquisition across all channels.

This Manager will be responsible for developing, implementing, analysing and reporting on marketing strategies to acquire revenues for customers of the hotel or groups.

This includes working with product managers and IT to develop growth initiatives through all properties on/off the web. It is expected that the person hired will be adept at juggling email, display, SEO, paid search, clients as affiliates and other social media. 

The new manager will be responsible for developing and handing off campaign requirements to execution, planning tests, analysing conversions and the customer journey to seek continual improvement without loss of experience or being detrimental to any hotel brand standard.

The ideal candidate will have worked in digital marketing only for some years and will have a demonstrated campaign portfolio (the good, bad, oh no what a mistake or wow how did that happen? stories).

The role will require close partnership and integration with the existing marketing team and others such as finance, sales and IT internally or client revenue managers and others. 

The role will report to the Director of Marketing EMEA.

You will fit the role if you are:

Data driven and analytical

A creative thinker

Focused on how marketing drives quantifiable business results

Very curious and never settle for “that will do”

Vigorous and thorough in your campaigns and management of any detail

Able to take initiative, build from a idea or concept, influence others, and achieve results

Love testing, learning, and taking calculated risks (testing budget for ads for example available).

CIM qualified or have a degree in Marketing or Finance

Experienced for at least 5 years working in Marketing, Advertising, PR or Communications with at least 3 years in digital marketing.

Knowledgeable about hospitality or have industry experience which would be a plus

Have a hands on style to working with and understanding of content management tools and mobile technology. We do not seek an expert, simply an above average awareness of some key tools.

Able to watch marketing budget spends, understand the financial implications of a spend and forecast results with some accuracy and the expected returns.

Comfortable with continuously changing priorities and not afraid to “block” time out to all including the CEO for critical thinking or writing.

A writer, a speaker, one who can explain their thoughts well and translate ideas into meaningful presentations or discussions.

Application and Interview

Interview Process:

  • First Interview – Phone – HR Talent and Recruiting Manager  
  • Second interview – Video – Managers in – IT, Sales and Marketing
  • Third Interview – In-person ( COVID protocols in place) – Marketing Director, HR Director 

Candidate Hired

  • Candidate – London, 9 years work experience, travel company marketing manager with web and brochure marketing experience, CIM and Journalism BA (Hons) qualifications. 
  • Salary – £2000 above top limit provided by client
  • Project go live to candidate start – 83 days including notice period.