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Director, Sales and Marketing

About the job

We are recruiting for our client who seeks a Director, Sales and Marketing to succeed him following his appointment as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The position is responsible for leading and developing our UK and Ireland  sales team, customer service department, and brand marketing.

The client is a leading bar, beverage and related industry equipment supplier and distributor to hotels, bars and restaurants. A new and emerging market which needs parallel development are the craft beer and gin bars.

This ensures a target rich environment for any sales professional and their team.

If you enjoy working in a customer orientated business, owned by the original founders  small business and think that you match our core company values, then you should apply.


It is important that anyone applying for this role will:

Develop and mentor the outside and inside sales and account management teams.

Achieve sales goals through effective management and performance of all in the sales department.

Design and implement strategic sales plans to expand customer base and address identified new markets. 

Foster customer engagement initiatives and campaigns to build stronger customer and employee bonds.

Track key sales and performance metrics and provide regular monthly reports to finance .

Attend board meeting and present sales picture and performance to executive management/founders quarterly.

Attend service and customer focus group meetings.

Create incentive campaigns for inside sales, account management and sales, setting prizes, budgets and sourcing awards.

Guide efforts in marketing, website sales and ecommerce development.

Stay updated with current market and industry trends, as well as closely related markets.

Hire and train new sales and customer service colleagues, take corrective action to support those behind target and mentor high potentials. 

Your Qualifications:

Bachelors degree in Business, Marketing or Economics

Successful previous sales management and team lead experience (3 years+ preferred)

Candidates with Business to Business (B2B) sales experience are preferred.

Demonstrated ability to communicate, present, and influence effectively and credibly at all levels of client or supplier organisations.

Proven ability to drive the sales process from plan to close supported with a strong business acumen.

Please apply using the form below to notify us of your interest. 

Application and Interview

Interview Process:

  • First Interview – HR Manager 
  • Second interview – VP Sales and a colleague
  • Third Interview – CEO and VP Sales 

Candidate Hired

  • Candidate – High Wycombe, 10yrs coffee equipment and OEM commercial kitchen sales experience.  
  • Salary – upper quartile
  • Project go live to candidate start – 78 days including 30 days notice