Completed Project

Divisional CEO - FinTech

Is this you? Are you entrepreneurial?

A global property group is seeking a CEO to found, develop, and lead a brand new subsidiary of it’s parent corporation to serve the USA market.

The client seeks to launch its in-house financial service management and future returns technology and make it available to third parties.

This market is predominately underserved and lacks some key apps and big data analytical tools and solutions.

The client developed its Fintech solution in a series of iterations. First a model for portfolio purchase, entity cross-billing and a lot more followed as it managed multiple international property portfolios in one treasury dashboard.

It became its own profit generator and not a cost centre as usage spread throughout the group and it was tested with a long standing business client in the U.A.E with positive outcomes prior to the decision to market it to third parties was made.

Please understand: 

It is essential the person for this role has the ability to seek regional partners, to lead the business as CEO and become an equity partner in the new business.

The client has been in business since 1987 and developed a unique strategy based on this and other tools to help ensure commercial success.

It is privately owned where the owner`s feel they can make decisions without worry of a short-term loss as they seek a long-term gain.

It must be stressed, this role will start out as a CEO of 2, yourself and an assistant.

This does mean this role is not for most people, especially if they have had large corporate support functions in the past. Marketing, PR, agency and other support will be provided by the parent company and facilities at bank will be guaranteed according to the business plan and regular review with the group controller or CFO.  

This role requires:

  • An entrepreneurial thirst for achievement and financial reward
  • A good knowledge of the USA property sector
  • Financial and Treasury contacts or similar which can be leveraged to support sales. 

If you do not have three ticks against the basic qualifiers, two may do.

If you are also unable to roll your sleeves up, work the required hours, even with three ticks above, please do not apply.

If the write-up has not put you off, you will also need:

  • Experience in property, commercial lending and software solution sales of USD$1 million+
  • A track record of senior management and owner negotiations in accountancy software sales or similar to property portfolio analysts, owners or large holding and value managers.
  • A strong self-belief and yet be able to build up a division over time into a profitable business and retain many of your original hires.
  • Possess education qualifications from University, a CFA or a good MBA school.

In return, the remuneration package, travel and business expenses support with other benefits will match the person sought by the client.  

Hopefully we have not lost you, if not, please let us discuss your thoughts about the above, why you feel so strongly about yourself and your suitability for the role.

Then if you feel this opportunity has your name on it as a perfect fit, that your track record will back that belief, we can then agree the next steps to:

highlight your needs, achievements and qualities as a reason to hire

Then we can move forward and disclose the client name and make arrangements if the client agrees for the first interview in Zurich. 

Application and Interview

Interview Process:

  • First Screening Call – Comprehensive review of your CV and achievements 
  • First Interview – HR and Regional CEO 
  • Second Interview – Video conference call – 3 senior executives 
  • Third Interview – Presentation and Strategy Day – 3 senior executives 
  • Fourth Interview and lunch – Founders

Candidate Hired

  • Candidate – Located US East Coast, business analyst, central treasury for major international hotel group and significant experience in new hotel project acquisition and owner liaison.    
  • Salary – as agreed – CEO discretion 
  • Project go live to candidate start – 285 days for multiple reasons