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Bookkeeper - Curious and Independent - Is it you?

About The Client

Technology company with a location in Milton Keynes and who is seeking to base its support services and office function there going forward.

They work closely together in-person and through online tools like MS Teams, Zoom, WhatsApp messaging and this means the odd time away to work from home or to fit a school run into the daily work schedule may be an option.

They are a customer service firm first and they are incredibly focused on serving their customers.

What matters to them and their employees is not your “corporate large company” needs, more that you are a person curious to learn, willing to approach problems, offer solutions, and contribute to the team.

The client company does not believe in billing by the hour or micro-managing. You will be expected to work in a mature way, contribute to providing value to your colleagues and enjoying the good and bad jokes!

There are a lot of firms recruiting in Milton Keynes, but if you’re looking for an interesting day to day workday, to take ownership of the bookkeeping and to contribute as well, our client may be the right fit for you.

As a full-time Bookkeeper, you’ll be an essential part of our team by ensuring that client financials are kept up-to-date quickly and accurately.

To be successful in any role with the client:

Each employee is expected to know how to use a O365 and its software ( willing to learn to use them – self-study or by a colleague helping). There is a Tech Team that can help with tech issues but it’s important that you are tech-forward, willing to troubleshoot issues on your end, ask for help when needed, enjoying learning new apps, and never mind doing a quick Google search to find an answer to something.

Please note: this position is only available to UK residents (local residents given preference).

About the Role

  • Bookkeeping – You’ll support our client by performing monthly bookkeeping and reconciliations in SAGE web-based accounting software, following up with clients, filing VAT returns, and generating reports.
  • Support – You’ll quickly learn the accounting systems we use on a daily basis and be able to offer high-quality accounting support. With guidance from the client operations team, it is you’ll help in the development of the accounting software capabilities by using apps or other integrations you think would be useful.
  • Documentation – You’ll work on existing document bookkeeping workflows, develop or update as or when it makes sense because they will be used by your colleagues.
  • Future development – There’s room to grow and to take on more responsibilities in time. As the bookkeeper you are already an integral part of any process and workflow improvement work at the firm.

About You

  • Personable – You’re personable and have great communication skills which include a writing style which is clear and concise (If you need to chase the CEO for late expenses on Whatsapp instead of email, you need to know how best to message that need in a different way).
  • Curious – You’re a quick learner, like to take time to develop yourself and can figure things out on your own whilst easily adapting to changes.
  • Accountable – You are responsible and you can roll up your sleeves to get the job done and ensure the quality of your work is high and that deadlines are met.
  • Independent – You’re comfortable working from the office, able to fit in the odd personal need with your workflow and if you work late because of a deadline, start late or finish early another time. It is up to you to be focussed and diligent in an independent way (although at times you are a Teams or WhatsApp message away from a colleague).
  • Techy – You know your way around a computer and enjoy apps, gadgets and technology.
  • Interested – Ideally you have 4+ years of experience in full-cycle bookkeeping.

Do you think this role appeals? If so, please send a full CV with work and education history as we hope to interview in the period March 7th to 19th with a view to hiring based on the person’s notice period.

Could this appeal to someone:

  • Working as a temp – of course.
  • Needing to get out and away from big company politics – definitely
  • Who wants to get away from micro-managers and clock-on clock-off mentalities ( we wrote this but do not think it exists in reality) – sure

Now the next step is up to you. We look forward to your application and to meeting you in a screening call to learn more about your motivation to join and do this work.


We are seeking only UK resident candidates, no visa support will be provided.

We are recruiting on behalf of our client and their existing office in Milton Keynes.

The interview process will include a screening call over Zoom / Teams and then an in-person one at the office with senior management or a Director.

Please state your salary expectation in the message to recruiter section when you apply.

Candidate Hired

  • Candidate – Milton Keynes commuter – 20 miles. 
  • Tax and VAT and month end / year end preparation
  • Salary – within bands
  • Project go live to candidate start – 35 days