traverssearch reports and trends

Google Trends highlights the historical hiring issues in Switzerland and the current situation in a easy to search format.

As of today we should take note of the fact:

  1. Candidates are complaining of 0 feedback by both HR and recruiters – I am sorry but you can say you are candidate responsive but so many are not, quite frankly it is disappointing.
  2. Hiring Managers do not see the required “talent” being promoted by some of their HR colleagues based outside their local country.
  3. Time to hire in some companies is simply too long and the absence of a good pipeline of proposed candidates reflects a lack of candidate outreach and engagement off Linkedin.
  4. Linkedin sourcing is starting to cause candidates to “go blind” to the mass messaging and promoted job advertisements pushed in their direction.
  5. now reflects the changes in Swiss law in July 2018 with the growth of advertised positions, functional areas to note include the following 5000+ published vacancy numbers:
    1. Admin. / HR / Consulting / CEO – 8002
    2. Banking / Insurance – 5184
    3. Construction / Architecture / Engineer – 8322
    4. Information Technology / Telecom. – 7783
    5. Sales / Customer Service / Admin. – 7619
    6. Low vacancy scores for purchasing, supply chain, wellness and spa or security related roles

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Google Trend – Recruiter keyword search as of today – fixed results


Featured Picture Credit: Stephan Henning