Marketing Manager – Tax Software B2B

Completed Project

Marketing Manager

About the job

The key requirements of this role is ownership of all things marketing together with your digital marketing report who you will be responsible to hire.

You will have a key role and the opportunity to grow inside the organsation as the growth happens. 

You are seen as the future, to help guide, build, hire and lead the marketing team and eventually we hope reach CMO status. 

Desired Skills and Experience

It is important that anyone applying for this role has the following:

Master`s degree in Marketing and recent or current employment in a software company (start-up past experience a plus).

Relevant customer journey mapping for tax or accounting services products, service or software experience in the past.

3 years of hands-on experience with developing digital campaigns using LinkedIn, Twitter and traditional or niche media solutions (with and without agency or PR support).

Tax software, hosted solution and security landscape understanding from user connectivity, to data management, data analytics and reporting a plus.

Experience producing understandable messaging and content from technical documentation and diagrams.

Experience in the business technology market, and expertise working closely with sales, developers, product managers and teams in SaaS solutions or related technical fields.

Possess an ability to effectively communicate complex technical concepts to a broad range of audiences at trade shows, on video podcasts, webinars and similar. Public speaking training will be provided.

Participate in a team of BBQ cooks with the senior management team to provide the annual social day meal for colleagues.

Model threats and opportunities, gather technical data and identify new product or development opportunities.

Develop, communicate and deliver the marketing strategy vision which must include facilitation of deep dive technical product and future development meetings.

Support Account Managers and Sales Engineering teams as needed through all phases of new customer engagement. This will include reviewing existing learning and support resources for customers and colleagues. 

Application and Interview

Interview Process:

  • CV Submission – 10 minute video
  • First Interview – HR Manager using your video as a CV
  • Second interview – Q&A with Sales Manager, CEO and CTO
  • Third Interview – Product campaign Exercise and presentation to mixed function panel of 3 – maximum duration 45 mins followed by Q&A and the final interview with both the CEO and CTO 

Candidate Hired

Candidate – London, agency and start-up fintech experience, CIM CMktr status and MSc Mathematics.

Salary – above level originally proposed (known when submitted and discussed with CEO to avoid issues later).

Project go live to candidate start – 106 days because of resignation terms at employer.