Filtration Materials and Composites – Future Product Weight Reduction

Completed Project

Scientific Research Engineer

A special background in scientific research is required together with  commercial experience in product development to market launch. 

This means it is unlikely you have less than 12 years work experience. 

The role needs a certain level of knowledge and understanding gained from doing more than pure research activities.

It is not for someone recently graduated from University or seeking their first commercial role.

75 – 80% of your work will be related to identifying solutions, examining new filtration developments, media materials or composite or bio plastic solutions. The results of your work will be evident by their performance (good or bad) during production (simulated) or real on the test and training line located close to the lab. 

You will consider such topics as “product 2030, what will it need? OR be tasked with investigating materials, or filter mediums, or environmental air, gas and carbon emissions.

This may help you decide: 

You will work in Switzerland and be less than 2hours away from international airports, major cities and the mountains or lakes.

For spouse, partners who need to relocate, the region and area for work has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Switzerland and offers opportunities for employment. These can be discussed pre-formal application to ensure any relocation and integration into the new company will be successful for all involved.

Your relocation will be supported to a level depending upon your current local or international location, plus of course your family needs. Scientific process and testing expertise and understanding related to:

To Qualify For Consideration:

Any filtration components, materials, air, oil, fuel, exhaust, mediums and their interactions – PhD study.

Evidence of work on concepts moving from laboratory or research to limited or full scale production.

Bio-plastics and Composites – trends, academic papers, applications and research activity good awareness.

MSc, Dip.Ing with a focus on Industrial Chemistry or Materials or related Engineering.

International multi-cultural working awareness and English speaking project team leadership or key role expert advisory important.

Should this seem interesting and prompt you ask more about the role, please complete the form for an informal first discussion without commitment. 

Application and Interview

Interview Process:

  • First Interview – R&D Manager, HR Manager
  • Second interview – Interview Day – Multiple people during visit
  • Final Interview – CEO, Director R&D, CTO

Candidate Hired

Candidate – Relocated from Baden-Württemberg, extensive filtration experience with industrial products  

Salary – 7% above top band at CEO discretion

Project go live to candidate start – 151 days because candidate had end of month, 3 months notice period