Strategic Project Manager  – Acquired Company Integration

Completed Project

Strategic Project Manager

About the job

All team members are seen as the “high-potentials” actively involved in annual strategic planning, key initiatives and project leadership / involvement.

The team meet on a EMEA Regional and Global basis, each member works on selected specified and “owned” projects during the year ( usually 1-3 in number).

The scale of the project, experience level of the Consultant or Project Manager will determine the level of international responsibilities, project or sub-project ownership and workflow or team leadership function.

Tasks will include management workshops, senior management presentations and close co-operation with function heads, business units and third parties to ensure quality of inputs and outputs are maintained at the current high levels on current and new projects.

Desired Skills and Experience

It is important that anyone applying for this role has the following:

Located and living already in Europe with the ability to travel freely across borders and to live in Switzerland in accordance with Swiss immigration rules and residency/working regulations.

A personality which makes it immediately apparent that they possess leadership traits, excellent and effective inter-cultural communication skills.

A high level of numeracy, competency in senior level presentation and workshop delivery whilst at the same time being a “team player” who is willing to participate.

An MBA from a top 50 University ( Times Rankings) and a life science degree ( Bachelor or Master), PhD an advantage.

A minimum of 3-5 years professional experience in a top management consulting firm or similar in a multi-national in-house strategic consulting team. Past roles working as Vorstand Assistant / Board Assistant may be considered.

Operational and Project experience within a multinational company and environment with significant operations scope and impact.

Professional experience in any of the following: EMS, FMCG or Tier 1 automotive is welcome.

A passion and desire to work on different subjects, from local European operational to global strategic topics covering functional areas from manufacturing purchasing to final product sales & marketing. It is not a generalist role, so it is expected that any candidate will have a deeper understanding of some areas and not so much in others.

Big data, sensor, product miniaturisation, IoT, computer vision and similar work or personal interest areas a desirable. 

Important – ALL applicants must be located in Europe to support relocation and interview process.

Application and Interview

Interview Process:

  • First Interview – Strategic Integration (SI) Project Manager telephone interview
  • Second interview – Video conference call – Financial Interpretation Presentation to 3 SI Project Managers and Directory Strategy Integration with follow up Q+A
  • Third Interview – Interview Day and Project Presentation with 2 hrs allocated for research and preparation
  • Fourth Interview – EMEA HR Director, SI 
  • Final Interview – HR Manager, Senior Manager, Operations Director 

Candidate Hired

Candidates – Zurich and Berlin, PhD education, Accenture and McKinsey past touch point work experience. Strategic projects – product launch, integration and M&A. Global project experience.  

Salary – in band provided

Project go live to candidate start – 270 and 185 days because of candidate resignation and exit terms.