Logistics – Warehouse At Sea Expertise

Completed Project

Transport and Shipping Manager - EMEA

About the job

The client company seeks to strengthen some key posts in both its country local and EMEA supply chain operations.

The purpose is to reshape the current aftersales strategy to better align the Group to the existing distributor and new B2B dealership concept for African and South American markets.

Important Hiring Consideration:

The new European Shipping & Transport Manager will be located in Northern France at one of the primary level distribution centres which distributes to over 3000 delivery points in over 98 countries across the globe.

What you need to be aware of:

The appointed Manager will take responsibility for a team based at 6 key  locations in Europe, in addition to 30 or so direct reports (this will grow) whilst managing the effective and efficient performance of all inbound and outbound freight movements to and from the European warehouses.

In addition, the Manager will oversee a freight budget in excess of €52 million per annum and an actual P&L decision cost budget of over €625,000.

The Manager is expected to review the existing operation, highlight areas of operational, cost and carrier change (domestically and internationally) and then effectively oversee and manage the change project.

Special consideration must be given to new market development and known future influences in this process.

Desired Skills and Experience

MBA SCM or equivalent Master level degree and work experience

P&L responsibility and budget control ownership and influence

A good grounding in SCM including plant, corporate and regional roles and responsibilities.

Sea and land transport, logistics and warehousing experience – knowledge and use of warehouse at sea concepts.

Business French and English language skills with any additional European language a plus.

Able to make quality decisions, communicate pro-actively and have an eye on longer-term strategy, not just immediate wins.

Possess a strong commercial understanding of the inbound to customer delivery point key performance service level and cost ratio issues.

Adopt a positive presence and leadership stance for the team, show multi-cultural awareness and work successfully across country borders.

End of life product and goods sustainability and environmental concerns are a given, experience of new recycling technologies and adoption a plus.

A track record of “proven”success with around 8-10 years experience within the transport and logistics industry, preferably with a Truck,  HVAC or Machinery manufacturer.

Important – ALL applicants must be located in Europe, be willing to relocate to the North East of France and be able to travel without visa issues across EMEA.

Application and Interview

Interview Process:

  • First interview – Interview Day at Regional HQ (require 1 day holiday)
  • Second Interview – Director EMEA – Operations, Director EMEA SCM 
  • Final Interview – HR, CEO and COO

Candidate Hired

  • Plant operations and scm manager, logistics director (acquired by employer subsidiary)  
  • Salary – 9% excess of top limit to offset tax benefit loss moving to France
  • Project go live to candidate start – 138 days including 2 months notice period worked