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What We Do

Recruit in the areas of technology and engineering for roles related to hospitality, medtech and product innovation. 


Our Approach

Perform to the best of our abilities whilst aligning candidate and hiring company expectations to ensure successful hiring outcomes. Personable in communication and recruitment style whilst working the T-STAR method. 


Our Mission

To provide value in the sourcing, recruitment and hiring phases of new staff for clients. At the same time ensuring it makes sense for the candidate to make the career move so they stay and make a great contribution whilst becoming a valued colleague, team member and employee.  


Travers Search 

A boutique recruitment service led by Andrew Travers who is licensed to recruit in and outside Switzerland.

The first client hires were completed in 2008.

Travers Search work according to the T-STAR method.

It is the recruiting brand of Andrew Travers Business Development – Registered in Zurich, Switzerland 

Andrew Travers

Andrew Travers

Why we rarely advertise

Our personal style and method means we prefer to send an email or to have a conversation with someone already in one of our social media groups or our database. At times we do advertise at the request of clients, there are times when you have to and for reasons we also keep private such as a salary benchmarking exercise or talent pipeline build.  



Single or Multiple Hires

Like building a house from the foundation up, we take each assignment as agreed.

Sourcing the best we can for your hiring need whilst also making sure that all candidate submissions are made with your future plans in mind. 

Registered Office

Bahnhaldenstrasse 32
8052 Zurich, Switzerland

Office Hours

Mon-Fri: 8.45 – 5.30 pm
Sat: 10:00 – 15:00 


Candidate Interviews

As per scheduling links provided for your convenience 


LinkedIn Profile Make-Over

Candidate resource to refresh your LinkedIn profile