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Welcome to Travers Search

A boutique recruitment service centred around client need. The approach is personal and candidates are sourced:

  • Local to you or your required location
  • Salary upper quartile band at best
  • With a desire to join your organisation
  • 100% likely to sign an offer based on hiring discussions 
  • Matching your needs and company to their expectations 
Technology Hiring Solutions

IT and Technology

Complexity of product innovations brings IT technology and engineering together.

Network complexity, 5G, IoT and more come together to life site/property based solutions into a world of medtech, mobility or cloud based systems.

Engineering Hiring Solutions


Products are always in evolution and R&D to Sales as functions are constantly changing.

R&D now includes Digital Twins in its work, Sales in some areas offer VR service and repair as a product add-on.

There are times when a sense of humour is valuable and sometimes we use images like the one above to grab the eye in a busy media posting world with success.

Committed To Sourcing and Delivery

Source candidates quickly and well

LinkedIn, Xing and other social media platforms supplement our investment in our own network. Evidenced on Linkedin by group creation and ownership. 

Referrals are our top sourcing tool because conversations yield so much more than a job ad.

Leave no stone unturned

Conversations with hiring teams cover candidate or hiring manager doubts, the adoption of a personal approach which is honest and direct. 

They can include the reality of someone thinking of the wider team impact, the future of their new hire and career progression and more. 

They are not one sided and extend to candidates as well, to make sure their move makes sense. Family needs, a child`s education and the future work for a spouse or partner whenever relocation is involved. 

A good hiring experience and work results in the person hired staying to be tenured and it justifies our services fee with ease.     

Andrew Travers

Principal / Founder

Complete Care For Your Hire

Let them onboard with a smile and a spring in their step - just like their first day at school!
Experienced Team

Time served and recruiting with a common sense attitude and process driven.

Service Menu Offer

Options align to budget and need from simple sourcing to talent pipeline or hiring.

Candidate Management

From initial interview to resignation and offer, all is communicated to all.

Post Hire Reporting

Key project findings or competitive information provided on retained searches.

Think, Act and Apply T-STAR

We wrap our activity into our own T-STAR approach.

No fluff, we can talk process if desired.
You need to fill that vacant seat.
We just want to help you find the best person out there for you today.

01. T

Travers Search does its best and if we say we will work an assignment, we will.

02. S
Sourcing Strategy

The communication and methodology for call plans, email newsletters and more

03. T

Contacting best matches with specific experience and key attributes saves time

04. A

Candidate contact is paramount to us to ensure interest is maintained and expectations for all match.

05. R

There is no point hiring for someone to leave, you need 3 years and their career needs 5 with you for it to all make sense. 

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Some Feedback

From Great Candidates
"I love my new job! Andrew matched both my skills and personality to just right. I am really happy"
Martina - Medtech Systems Engineer
Andrew understood my technical background and what he did not understand he asked questions about. Moving back home to Switzerland for my wife led me to get a job which fitted my career.
Daniel - R&D Director - Machinery
I was able to work in China thanks to Andrew on an expat contract and my wife was supported by HR to get a local job in Shanghai. Andrew also extended out contacts in global network to help us on arrival. Good job done."
Roger - R&D Project Manager Tier 1 Automotive
Andrew is understanding. He helped me to drop out of the final interview and offer stage. The job interview stages were delayed by over 6 months and I decided after becoming pregnant, it was not right to relocate. Andrew helped me to exit from the process and I am still in contact with the CEO today."
Louise - Global Tax Manager Medical Systems
Andrew laid out the interview and hiring process, provided information for moving and did more than he should. He deals with things you do not want HR to know. My wife wanted a good kindergarten and my passion is sailing. He answered all and his research was good.
Luca - CAD Team Lead - Fast Prototyping Motorsports

Making a Career Move?

No need to send your CV, simply fill out the contact form or reach out to me on Linkedin. 

Normally we work for clients based on their need and “matching a candidate” to an opening is not easy and we cannot support everyone.

Please check out English Recruiter our new for 2020 candidate resource portal.  

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