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The following factors apply to your hiring requests:
Method Matters - Pictures Pay

The picture we paint of your opportunity will interest the candidate.

The method we work to is based on experience

Special focus is given to any relocation or high % level of required travel  

Our approach is to ensure correct expectations for all parties are set 

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Our Touch Points:

Our first assignments were in hotel telecomms and automotive Tier 1 ( sensors for steering ). 

Soon after we added assignments for diesel low speed engine R&D, hotel General Managers and corporate functions for a agricultural wheeled vehicle manufacturer.

Our presence in Switzerland and the tidal flow of new office development or global staff moves resulted in a more generalist recruiting position for engineering and automotive candidates for other industries.

The increased demands meant we worked with partners in Germany, Hungary, the U.S.A. and China to complete assignments for them/us.

From 2019, our work focus for assignments will be:

  • Sectors: Engineering, hotel groups and hospitality technology 
  • Positions: Ones where there is a responsibility local or global and an English speaking candidate is required who has international perspectives/education or work experience.

Confident in our network, our reference and referral points inside and outside Switzerland. We work discretely and with the minimum of advertising.




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